Savoie Preservation Solutions

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   Carpet Cleaning

As well as being professionally trained, we are equipped with the most advanced carpet cleaning machines, Prochem detergents and accessories that are available.

Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning service will clean from the base of your carpet to extract
dirt, grit and stains and will restore your carpets to their original clean, fresh and stain free appearance (where possible).

All of our carpet cleaning machines extract water at an incredibly high pressure which keeps drying times of your carpets to the bare minimum. All of the detergents we use on your carpet are based on the manufacturer's recommendations and are safe and environmentally friendly to use to deep clean all types of carpets.

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   Upholstery Cleaning

SPS offers an unbeatable upholstery cleaning service in the Savoie area that will restore the beauty and extend the longevity of your sofas, rugs, armchairs and mattresses. On a daily basis your furniture is covered with dust, body oils, skin particles and other pollutants that are harmful to your health and also decrease the life of your upholstered furniture.

There are a variety of cleaning processes that can be used on your upholstered furniture. Colour fastness and stability of the upholstered fabric will need to be taken in to consideration before the cleaning process goes ahead.

Our hot water extraction upholstery cleaning service works from the base of your upholstered furniture, loosening and cleaning all the dirt and grime without leaving behind chemical residues or damage to your fabric.

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