Savoie Preservation Solutions

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   Hard floor cleaning techniques

Using high powered rotary machines and specific products for different types of floors, SPS gains excellent results when hard floor cleaning.

   Vacuum of hard floor

Vacuuming lifts any loose dirt on your hard floor in preparation for the deep clean.

   Deep Clean

Using specific products for different types of hard floor and a high powered rotary machine that scrubs your floor, agitating the dirt build up.

   Wet vacuum

Using a wet vac lifts the dirt agitated by the rotary machine. This removes the maximum amount of dirt possible from your floor.


Natural stone, wood and tile grout can be coated with sealant products to protect your floor from dirt build up. This allows regular cleaning to be carried out with less effort and maintains the appearance of your floor for longer.

   Polishing and buffing

Polish layers can be applied to hard floors to protect your hard floor. The polish can then be buffed to make your hard floor shine.

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